Nevis IBC

The Nevis Business Company is incorporated based on the law of the Nevis International Corporation Ordinance 1984.
Nevis IBCs are suitable for normal business transactions such as trading, holding or investment.
Nevis IBC has the following advantages:

Nevis IBCs are 100% taxexempt
• There are no income or property taxes. This also applies to profits that are generated outside of Nevis.
• No stamp tax
• No currency exchange controls
Total price:EUR 890

Possible Add-Ons:

– 1 year Registered Office EUR 196

– 1 year Trustee-Director EUR 148

– 1 year Trustee-Shareholder EUR 148

– 1 year Trustee-Package (Director and Shareholder) EUR 288

– Registration American landline with area code of your choice EUR 19,90 (American phone lines are used in many places in Nevis)

– 1 month American landline (basic monthly fee) EUR 4,90

– Registration of a Nevis Internet-Domain or EUR 9,90

– Preparation and Editing of your own Internet-Program including 1 year webhosting EUR 49,90

– Nevis Bank Account (only in connection with Trustee service for Director) EUR 149

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