Company Formation in Delaware

Corporate law in Delaware offers highest flexibility for company formations in the United States and at the same time the highest level of discretion and anonymity.

This might be one of the reasons why you will find in Delaware the most company formations in the United States are at all. Approximately 60% of all companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange are incorporated in Delaware.

Delaware is located in the east of the United States of America near Baltimore and Washington DC.

The convenient location and close proximity to the sea offers Delaware the advantage of easy access to export markets. The General Corporation Law of Delaware earned this territory a good reputation and has helped make Delaware a well-known place for business start-ups.

Many companies in Delaware are called LLCs (Limited Liability Companies), which combine the advantages of limited liability companies and limited partnerships.

This is a good way to limit the personal liability and at the same time to protect the personal assets of the shareholder(s).

You also can gain tax-free profits, provided they are generated outside the US without being subject to the restrictions of a US company.

You have the opportunity to own and manage a US company with similar advantages as an IBC International Business Company (traditionally referred to as an “offshore company”).

PROTEC Capital LLC is a so-called “Series-LLC”.

A contract between yourself and PROTEC creates a company which is legally independent but is something like a “satellite company”.

The satellite LLC is a separate legal structure with its own legal identity and can be endowed with completely different capital than the main company. The basics of the company, such as managing director, shareholder, name and capital, are defined in the contract documents between the legal representatives of the main company and you.

For European and also German citizens, this legal construction sounds adventurous or at least exotic.

However, this particular Series LLC is a common version of the “normal” LLC and except in Delaware also legally anchored in corporate law of Alabama, District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas Utah Wisconsin Puerto Rico.

The acquisition of such an LLC guarantees immediate protection of your assets if desired, since an (additional) entry in the commercial register is not necessary, nor is it necessary for the company to conclude contracts legally.

The formation of the company is done with a private contract between the management of the parent company and the person (or persons) who wish to acquire a satellite company.

This contract does not have to be certified by a notary, and can be concluded directly here on Internet in this program.

It just requires your consent to the contract, an address verification and the submission of an official identification document.