Information about Nominees

treuhandWe offer Nominee Services exceptionally affordable.

Very economic rates are not a reason to believe it is easy to misuse those services. Many interested people seem to believe a “Nominee” or “Trustee” is just stupid.

Many other people seem to believe to have a Trustee is an automatic protection not to be caught for criminal misbehaviour.

If we provide Nominee Services we first prepare a written agreement. All necessary details are fixed and described and should there be any misuse of our services the client needs to understand this contract is sent to the authorities.

This usually happens when in front of the door of the house of the trustee police forces appear to question him or her.

As a matter of principal a Trustee agreement does not provoke any illegal activities.

There are many situations a nominee or trustee is absolutely useful.

Our offer is for business people who work Internationally and who are able to act in a very respnsible way.

For all International Company Formations we offer Nominee Services. The client can chose to appoint a Nominee for the director or the shareholder (or both).

As an annual fee we charge an amount of EUR 148 for appointing a nominee director and the same amount for a shareholder.

Should a client want to appoint both positions a reduced annual fee of EUR 288 is payable.