LLC Company Name

Of course, we can always form your “own” LLC in the state you want.

However, it is far easier and quicker and more cost-effective to start a so-called “Series-LLC”, and the best thing is the foundation is really absolutely free.

Between PROTEC CAPITAL LLC and yourself there will be an agreement to form your own legally independent company.

This does not have to be called PROTEC-CAPITAL LLC, but can actually carry any name you like.

Let’s say you want to call your company

ABBA Discotheques Technologies

In this case your company would technically carry the name:

ABBA Discotheques Technologies Series of PROTEC-CAPITAL LLC

The short version would be

ABBA Discotheques Technologies Series

The law of Delaware does not force you to keep the name of PROTEC-CAPITAL LLC on behalf of ABBA.

If someone asks, then you should clarify that it is a series of PROTEC. However, you do not have to voluntarily add the name PROTEC.

This means a bank would open an account in the name of ABBA Discotheques Technologies Series, while some other banks would perhaps call the account ABBA Discotheques Technologies Series of PROTEC-CAPITAL LLC.

If you call your company PROTEC or at least inform your clients it belongs to a bigger company called “PROTEC”, you would be immediately able to use our existing bank accounts in Germany, England and the United States.

This requires no notary or bank visit but just a separate agreement.