If you work with your PROTEC LLC, we can connect a local landline with telephone numbers in Delaware or any major American city.  The phone itself will ring at your desk, -regardless if your desk is in Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris or Sydney.

2And you will not only hear the phone ringing but you can hear your partner at the other end in such a high quality that you believe he is next door.

All this works as a single telephone, with a normal telephone on your desk, or as a connection to your telephone system.

In order to open up new markets, you do not have to climb into a plane and work far away from home.

All the tools you need to open up new markets are available from your home office, and we deliver all for economical and fair prices.

You click, pay online with Paypal, your credit card or via online transfer and we perform on your behalf.

That’s how easy it is!

The world has no limits.

Use the world for your success!

We will help you.