There are thousands and more reasons to start your own company and because of the comprehensive low-cost services PROTEC is always a good solution.

However, if you are looking for an immediate solution where you dont have to wait until a company is registered with Companies House or Company Register there is no alternative to PROTEC.

Within less than 10 Minutes you will have

  • complete control over a brand new, legally clean company in the recognized legal form of an American LLC
  • “your” Internet program under the domain www.PROTEC.group
  • Your own personal business email address with YOUR.NAME@PROTEC.group
  • If desired Business cards with the logo and the address of PROTEC with your name
  • As well as other optional extras that you can purchase at an additional cost.

You will immediately receive your own legal entity (with or without a nominee for director and shareholders) .

With it you will be able to conduct business, close legally binding contracts, and make profits.